Uni-dam Rainwater Management System


Developed to combat extreme precipitation

Deluge rainfall is costing British Industry million of pounds each year in production disruption, stock loss and building damage.

Many existing gutter systems are able to cope with lighter rainfall conditions but cannot cope with very heavy storms.

Uni-dam is a rainwater management system developed to combat these extreme precipitation conditions and to prevent water ingress into buildings.


How does Uni-dam work?

The system comprises a series of blade-like dams manufactured from materials sympathetic to the original roof. They are fitted along the entire roof slope to the rib of the roof sheet but avoiding any roof lights and roof protrusions, and at right angles to the down slope. The rear of the dam blade is profiled to match the roof sheet but providing a small controlled gap between the roof sheet and the blade edge.

This gap will allow light to medium rainfall to pass beneath the blade and into the gutter in a normal way.

As rainfall intensifies during a heavy storm and it builds in speed and depth as it travels down-slope the blades create mini dams arresting the excess water, de-energising its speed and containing its volume.

The gap beneath the blade will allow water to discharge in a controlled manner and in amounts that allow gutters and outlets to perform, thereby preventing any overflow into the building.


Accurate Calculations

The number and size of the blade assemblies are determined by calculation using computer software developed for the purpose.

Considerations are given to the roof slope length, roof pitch, gutter capacity and the geographical location of the building.

Uni-dam will perform as designed for the duration of the storm and beyond providing complete protection for the building.

Sample Uni-dam Calculation Results (22 KB)

Patent Number: GB2436839